The Feast | Starving for Change

On October 5th, The Feast will be calling all directionalists and innovators to host a dinner in efforts to initiate change on a global spectrum. The Feast will be hosting The Worlds Fare, a 2 ½ day conference that brings together social innovators, creative thinkers, radicals, and people with a common goal of positive collective change.

On October 5th, 7pm local time, The Feasts challenges everyone to join in and gather six or more friends to break bread and by the end of the Feast, “collectively decide on one thing to collaborate on that’ll improve the world.” This is a literal challenge, so start planning who you want to invite and dine for change.

The Feast will be serving up 5 challenges for the dinner group to discuss and work on throughout their dinner dialog. The collaboration (whether cleaning up a local park or an idea to solve every worldly problem) will help turn ripples into waves and aid the common goal of true sustainable change.

Lifestyle of Change is now known as a “Founding Friend of the Fair” and will be hosting events in both Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Francisco, California. As the event draws near we will post updates for the event. Please send us your ideas for how you plan to contribute to the cause and initiate real sustainable change. Remember, true change begins with action, no matter how small.

Let’s create a better tomorrow, now go get full on good.


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