United By Blue | Removing Waste From Earth’s Waterways

Founded in May 2012. United By Blue (UBB), exudes eco-entrepreneurialism to the fullest.

The untraditional nature of this organization is that it does not simply give money away to any organization that claims to have an environmental business model, but associates each sale with the action of removing one pound of waste from waterways through company hosted and organized cleanups.

They do not accept donations, nor write checks to other organizations to do the clean up for them, they do it themselves. The company’s business model has the blue movement at heart and has a genuine passion for conservation efforts.

UBB’s apparel is inspired from the founder, Brian Linton, own journeys around the globe. The style, colors, and products all deliver an aroma of harbor towns that highlight the forgotten beauty that engulfs our wonderful world.

UBB battles the current trend of mistreatment of our world’s oceans and waterways. They accept volunteers, so lets get involved in a clean up mission today.

Read the founders story HERE, and check out their YOUTUBE page.


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