Life Beacon | Explore Safely

Life Beacon has one mission – to keep people safe while exploring.

Users create “beacons” during outdoor expeditions where they input important information like where they are going, when they expect to return, and emergency contacts to notify if something goes wrong.  If the user doesn’t check in at their designated time, Life Beacon sends out notifications to their emergency contacts letting them know where they are and what next steps need to be taken. Life Beacon offers social media sharing of adventures, a robust perk system, and outdoor/travel related product giveaways.

The company was founded by Lara Miller; she came up with the idea in 2011 while hiking solo in Telluride, CO.  She had recently moved to the area and was hiking with an injury she incurred while surfing in Indonesia. She began to experience issues with the injury and had no service on her phone and realized that no one knew where she was. This experience compelled her to alleviate exploration anxiety and this is when she got connected with Aric and founded the company.

Check out their website at (, and be sure to follow them on  ( and on Twitter (



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One Comment on “Life Beacon | Explore Safely”

  1. benedictekisola July 31, 2012 at 11:48 AM #

    Brilliant idea! Very similar to emergency spots like college campuses have, but continuous… Curious to see how it would be implemented…

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