The Green Thing | 7 effective habits for tomorrow

The Green Thing is the protagonist in living a greener lifestyle, and with a British accent to boot. 209 countries have joined the organization’s cause with the overall objective of preventing climate change and creating real sustainable change in both government and business globally.

The Green Thing initiates change by distributing stories, videos, and carefully curated content from the world’s most innovative environmental thinkers. They focus on 7 key actions that aide the movement of greener living. The descriptions below are the direct words from the curators themselves, check out the links.

1. You get from A to B without any C when you Walk The Walk
2. It’s delicious but it causes more CO2 than cars so go Easy On The Meat
3. Resist the urge to buy the latest and Stick With What You Got
4. Turn down the central heating and turn up the Human Heat
5. The art of wasting nothing and using up everything: All-Consuming
6. Instead of jetting your way around the world, Stay Grounded
7. Don’t leave it on or even put it on, Plug Out

Join up HERE to start initiating your greener lifestyle.

Go Green – monster style!


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