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Clean.  Safe.  Green.  Design.  Fragrance.  Five words that describes greenskeeper and soap innovator, Method.  Have you ever had a splitting headache at the close of a long household cleaning session?  Burning eyes?  Stinging lungs?  If you’ve used traditional cleaners, the answer is probably yes, as it was for the founders of today’s featured company, Method.  Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan were college roommates beset by the aforementioned symptoms while cleaning out their college dwelling, when they got an idea.  Where you or I would have run to open a window or laid down to stave off the tunnel vision just before passing out, Lowry and Ryan decided to fix the problem.  They researched the status quo in household cleaners, put their marketing and chemistry backgrounds to use, and came up with a line of safe, non toxic cleaners, and a responsible, environmentally conscious company.

Method makes its products out of natural, renewable ingredients, its containers out of 100% recycled plastic, never tests on animals, and constantly seeks to decrease its carbon emissions, while offsetting the rest.  That’s living the message they preach.  That allows the consumer to rest easily.  No headache, no burning.

Check out their latest video concoction of soap and a marching band below, and be sure to check out their products at!


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