WoodWear | Wearable Art

Much has been made in recent years about the merits of green building and design using bamboo, and if you’ve followed us lately, you know we’re vibing pretty hard on handcrafted wooden products.  Today, our featured brand, Woodwear Sunglasses, beautifully combines the two.

What sets Woodwear apart from the other wooden products companies we’ve profiled is their use of bamboo, instead of slower maturing hardwoods.  More accurately described as a grass, bamboo regenerates about eight times faster than conventional hardwoods, and can be harvested without killing the plant, unlike conventional woods.  But Woodwear’s justification in choosing bamboo goes beyond its ecological advantages.  It extends to design concerns in their endeavor to create “wearable artwork,” because bamboo is also moisture resistant and more durable than traditional hardwoods.

Not only is Woodwear committed to creating a beautiful eco-friendly product, but also to helping like-minded others who are committed to doing good.  That’s why they donate a percentage of each sale to organizations that help others.  The cause changes every couple of months.  At Lifestyle of Change, we like that.  So go “like” Woodwear on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter.  Buy some shades on their website at www.woodwearsunglasses.com – they’re sharp.  Do good.


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