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Inspirational innovation in the financial services industry, you heard correctly, innovation + financial services, mind blown!

Kiva is a non profit organization that uses the internet and a network of “microfinance” institutions around the world to “connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.” You know the commercials for aid organizations showing emaciated villagers in the underdeveloped world, where your five dollars might feed a child for a year? Kiva is a lot like those, and at the same time, nothing like them. See, Kiva relies not on patronage, but on partnership. Through donations from people like you and me, they provide loans to those living in poverty as startup capital for little endeavors like buying inventory to open a small shop, or to buy a head of cattle to provide for a family. Founders Matt Flannery and Jessica Jackley saw firsthand the need for this service for those unconnected to traditional banking and lending while doing other work in Africa. They didn’t know if it was feasible. To date, Kiva has provided a staggering dollar amount worth of loans to an incredible number of people. Check them out at to see just how many lives have been changed for the better–the number changes by the day, as socially conscious “lenders” buy into the movement.

Check out the video below for testimonials from real Kiva beneficiaries, and read further about their story HERE.


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