EcoCradle | mushroom packaging

Growing packaging from mushrooms, huh?

The ecovative innovators at EcoCradle GROW eco-friendly packaging from a fungal network called mycelium, no big deal or anything.  In 5-7 days the mycelium self assembles around agricultural bi-products and is then treated with heat to stop the growth and finally, it can be contoured to any imaginable shape needed.

The product has virtually no environmental impact, is renewable and is 100% biodegradable.  Using inedible crop waste vs. fuel/food crops is groundbreaking, and follows the company’s healthy ecosystem mindset in efforts for a greener tomorrow.  The production of this product is done with expensing little energy and get be simply thrown away, recycled or composted.

Ship wine, ship action figures, ship priceless Steven Seagal movies, just THINK before you ship.

Check out their talks at TED video above and read more about their story HERE!


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