LSTN | Buy Headphones, Give Hearing

Give the gift of hearing when you purchase LSTN Headphones.  Unprivileged children in deaf schools all over the world have limited access to hearing aids and treatments.  LSTN’s socially innovative product utilizes both sustainable resources and a “one equals one” model to aid this social health issue.

Made from Ebony, Cherry, and Beech woods – LSTN believes that “music loves wood.”  Wood produces much better sound resonance than metal or plastic, and is far more sustainable.  Scrap wood from furniture manufacturers that would typically find its way into a landfill somewhere is being “upcycled” to make their headphones.

Founder, Bridget Hilton, believes that building businesses around social issues IS the way to DO GOOD in business.  She’s founded both LSTN and Jack’s Soap (who aids world sanitation efforts around the world in a similar selling fashion).  LSTN partners with global charities like Sound Seekers that provide hearing to those in need.  Taking mobile clinics to small villages, they custom fit hearing aids for children in deaf schools and treat them on the spot.

By supporting do good social innovators like LSTN Headphones consumers can purchase high quality products in a socially-conscious manner and help give back to the less fortunate.

Find their products and a description of their efforts to give the gift of hearing at!


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