Buy Positively | Consumerism sucks. Let's make it better.

Microphone for smarter consumption, Buy Positively, is finding ways to alleviate a culture of bad consumerism.  American consumers as a whole are interested in buying products that are good for us, but as other motivators like low cost and larger quantities play a role in our decision making, smarter consumption finds itself on the bench.

Co-Founder of Buy PositivelyMuffadal Saylawala, is passionate about answering important societal questions through the act of business.  He’s passionate about leaving the world better than he found it, and wants to spend his career helping to solve societal challenges.

Buy Positively is the first step at doing this.  Their solution is to offer a collaborative platform for good brands & consumers to fund extraordinary projects (i.e. agricultural & food education opportunities).  Brands and consumers alike will have the opportunity to work together on understanding needs in their communities, and rank those projects based on the amount of activity for that project.  The product is on its way to the market and will share with everyone once it becomes available.

Buy Positively is also blogging about all things “smarter consumption”, and we’d like to share a few of their team’s favorites.

For more smarter consumption tips check out Buy Positively at!


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