TED Talks | Sir Ken Robinson, Bring on The Learning Revolution

We don’t utilize our talents.  We are in a human resource crisis.  We need to revolutionize.

These statements are echoed in Sir Ken Robinson’s newest TED Talks speech on how a linear education model has created a mechanical workforce.  The linear narrative of the past must be changed.  Passion should drive talents, not process.  Those who have a real passion for what they do absolutely LOVE it and the sad reality is that these people are the minority.

CHALLENGE:  Ask yourself if you are truly doing what you love and ask people you interact with on a daily basis that same question. This is step 1.

We have been taught to start here and go there, but one person’s path is not another’s and that path should not be manufactured, but ORGANIC.  The mold is difficult to change and innovation is hard, but through this adjustment and separation from conformity organic growth can be realized.

Ken believes we are fraught with a “tyranny of common sense”, where we think that if something has not been done before, then it cannot be done. We must construct our own path with passion and drive for a learning revolution where we locate talents that excite our spirits.

Step 2: look deep within and determine your real passions in life.  What excites you?

Let’s disenthrall ourselves with this obsession of linearity and push forward for a more unique and meaningful future.

Check out Ken’s brilliant speech HERE.


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