Warning | The Mo Bros are Coming

The most manly of months is nearly upon us. November 1st will mark the day that men around the globe will have but one duty, the manliest of duties, and that being, the growing of a legendary MUSTACHE. (cue guitar wailing in the background)

Not only does the sprouting of glorious upper lip whiskers display manliness, but the Movember organization has created a lasting platform for raising awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancer, among other men’s health issues.  Throughout the month, the gallant men (a.k.a Mo Bros) will promote the cause by encouraging private and public conversation around these issues.  By way of support from the women in their lives (a.k.a Mo Sistas), the Mo Bros will raise funds through sponsorship for their brave and heroic upper lip growth throughout the entire month of November.

The month will be capped off by magnificent soiree’s celebrating the noble efforts of all participating men and the donations the month accumulated.  These gatherings are either personal parties with close friends or the legendary Movember Gala Partés held around the globe.

This cause has real effects with over $120 million dollars raised in 2011 alone.  The dollars go directly towards the strategic initiatives outlined by the identified programs for prostate and testicular cancer.

Log on to Movember on the 1st to help support, praise, congratulate and admire the cookie duster best friends that will grow throughout the month.


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