Scarab Recycling Robot | Harvesting Urban Trash

Urban dwellers encounter constant amounts of garbage each and every day, and while recycling and cleaning solutions have been effective there’s still a need for constant trash collection.  Introducing the Scarab Robot Harvester concept by innovator and designer Olga Kalugina that’s looking to clean the streets and mall areas automatically.

Hot it works.  The Robot is equipped with web cameras and advanced wheel drive gears that allow it to scope out and harvest the garbage.  As the Robot finds debris it both gathers and cleans as it moves along its selected route.  The garbage is then stored automatically and disposed of once the trash receptor is full.  Recharging the Robot is done automatically as well so it can stay on track sustainably.

The Scarab Robot Harvester is still in design phases but we hope to see prototypes in the near future.  Check out the project at!


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