Our Mission is to INSPIRE rational DECISION MAKING with an AWARENESS for tomorrow.


Our DAILY DECISIONS have an IMPACT on TOMORROW, so let’s better UNDERSTAND what we should be doing TODAY.

The Whatz:
The Lifestyle of Change Project lives as the voice for the social innovators who inspire new ways of thinking. We publish an original mix of carefully curated content that challenges traditional thought in the areas of business and culture. We focus on the change-agents that create unique sustainable products, employ fair business practices, develop community outreach initiatives, engage in meaningful collaborations, and above all, those who have a genuine passion for driving positive collective change.

The Whyz:
In 2011, the creators, let’s call them, slightly annoylingly bored with their standard lifestyles (OR, angered in standardism), decided that is was time to give life a shake-up.  They set out to better understand the products they consume and more rationally analyze the decisions they make in their daily lives. They thought, HECK, there must be a way to promote, encourage and drive genuine collective change through rational decision making. What transpired from this exploration was a realization that many of their daily decisions, whether consumption or purchase, had a strain on our ecosystem in various ways. They made an active choice to change the way they purchased, consumed, and contributed to the movement of social innovation.

The Lifestyle of Change Project materialized from this choice as the voice for the individuals who have ever felt in any way, shape, or form that our daily decisions matter. The choice was a challenge; living simply is difficult and living a life of complexity is simple. The Lifestyle of Change Project is meant to aid the development of rational decision making and help all interested in the movement push through the clutter that tends to engulf our daily lives.

The Project promoters have a true passion for spreading the awareness of social innovation and will never claim to be experts in the topic area, but simply serve as a voice for the masses to better understand the resources for driving positive collective change.

The Whoz:

(Picture above – in order of appearance from the left:  Weirdo #1 and Weird #2)


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