Start Something That Matters | A Book By Blake Mycoskie

Start Something That Matters, a book written by Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Tom Shoes, teaches people how to be socially-conscious in both professional and personal life.

TOMS Shoes was founded with the simple mission: to give a pair of shoes to someone in need when a pair is sold.  Blake started out with little experience in shoes, apparel, or fashion; he didn’t even have a business plan to attract investors.  What he did have was a STORY.  Upon his return from a vacation in Argentina, Blake found a shortage of sufficient footwear that was causing podoconiosis, a debilitating and disfiguring disease which causes one’s feet to swell.  During this time he also came across the alpargata, a shoe that had been worn by Argentine farmers and polo players for more than 100 years, and thought this to be his outlet to help deliver shoes to people in need.  Starting up in his L.A. apartment in 2006 – Toms has now grown to be a major shoe manufacturer and continues to deliver on the “One For One” model.

More recently TOMS has tapped into eyeware and literature (this book) to continue offering the “One For One” model aiding multiple societal issues.

To find more about the book, please visit, and start something in your life that matters.


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